I submitted a Tidehunter set to the "Dota 2" workshop. Below are some images of the work created for the set. The full set includes a weapon, back piece, bracer, belt, off hand weapon, and a head piece.

Here are the in game screenshots for both day and night lighting conditions.
Below is a Zbrush sculpts I created during a 3 month anatomy study. The aim of this project was to create a classical marble male and female sculpture in Zbrush.
Here is a fan art bust of Eddy Raja from Uncharted. The textured version of the model is a real time screen grab from 3ds Max.
Below is a head I modeled and textured in Zbrush.

This is a character model I created of a bandit set in a post apocalptic world.

"Edge of Twilight" is a cancelled game created for Xbox 360 and PS 3. Below is the sheriff character I worked on for this project.
Here is a character I worked on in the early stages of development for "Section 8".

This is an in game screenshot of "Ashes Cricket 2009". I worked on the characters including animated normal maps for the clothing and in game lighting.

Copyright © 2015 Patrick Delmastro. All artwork copyright to their respective owners.